Tuesday, 11 July 2017

#LoveOzYABloggers - Favourite high school books

The LoveOzYA and AusYABloggers teams have created a challenge to celebrate our favourite #LoveOzYA reads. Each fortnight will focus on a different theme, the first one is: High School. To participate you choose 3 books and talk about them via whatever social media platform you like (Instagram, Twitter, your blog, YouTube etc).

I've made a video on my 3 picks, you can view it here or on my YouTube channel, Cook Read Create.

The books I chose are: Finding Cassie Crazy by Jaclyn Moriarty, I'll Tell You Mine by Pip Harry, and Life in Outer Space by Melissa Keil.

#LoveOzYABloggers is hosted by #LoveOzYA, a community led organisation dedicated to promoting Australian young adult literature. Keep up to date with all new Aussie YA releases with their monthly newsletter, or find out what’s happening with News and Events, or submit your own!

Upcoming Themes:

July 17th 2017: Fantasy

July 31st 2017: Feels

August 14th 2017: Sci-Fi


  1. Nice to see what was your favorite high school books.

  2. I love the books you picked! There are so many good Aussie ones to choose from ~ I like how these three are all so different but very high school-y. I love your youtube channel, too. I dont really go on youtube but I have enjoyed watching yours through the links (sorry I'm not commenting over there!). You are so easy to listen to and articulate :) Plus you have so much knowledge about everything!

    x Nomes


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