Sunday, 1 June 2014

Stacking the Shelves (16)

Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga's Reviews - it's a way for us to share the books we received during the week


For review:

Head of the River by Pip Harry (Aussie YA)
As Stars Fall by Christie Nieman (Aussie YA)
Nowhere Boys by Elise McCredie (Aussie YA)
Shadowfell (Shadowfell #1) by Juliet Marillier (Aussie/NZ YA)
Raven Flight (Shadowfell #2) by Juliet Marillier (Aussie/NZ YA)
The Caller (Shadowfell #3) by Juliet Marillier (Aussie/NZ YA)
Breaking Butterflies by M.Angelais 
Seven (The Last Thirteen #7) by James Phelan (Aussie YA)

From a friend:

Ashes to Ashes by Melissa Walker - thank you Shaheen!


  1. A lot of new books to read!

  2. Lots of Aussie YA, I love it! As stars far has such a pretty cover and Breaking Butterfly sounds good from the small bits I've read so far. So many good books. Enjoy!

  3. Nowhere Boys is a really weird TV show. I haven't actually sat down and watched it but all I know is that's on ABC3. I wonder what the novel will be like since it's based on a tv show. I like the sound of Shadowfell, I think it has a promising plot-line. I haven't read any of her novels either. Nice haul, seems like you have a busy reading schedule ahead of you!

  4. I've never heard of rowing as a sport. How interesting. You learn something knew everyday. I really like the cover of As Stars Fall. It's very simplistic. I watched the trailer for the show for the Nowhere Boys and it looks... cheesy. Really cheesy. Hopefully the book is better. I want to read Juliet Marillier so bad. I've heard it she's an amazing author and I've been meaning to get to her. I hope you love her and I'll be looking forward to your reviews. The cover for Breaking Butterflies is absolutely gorgeous. I've never heard of that series before. They are really tiny. I want to read Ashes to Ashes. It sounds interesting. Hope you enjoy it! You have a great haul! Hope you enjoy all your books.:D

  5. Some lovely Aussie YA Books you have picked up this week Mands! Doesn't Breaking Butterflies look amazing? I've heard really good things about Juliet Marillier books as well. Have a lovely week!

    Here's my STS this week

  6. I haven't actually heard about any of these books :( which is bad! But I hope you will enjoy them :-)

  7. awesome reads this week! i hope you enjoy them all!

  8. I love the Aussie cover of Shadowfell, though it wasn't a favorite of mine by a long shot. I have the final two books, however, so I'll have to get on those soon. Wonderful haul, Mandee, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of your new Aussie YA! :)

  9. I know Keertana has reviewed the Juliet Marillier books, and I think she loved the ones she read. Hope you do, too. Enjoy your read, Mandee! :)

  10. Fun book haul this week, Mands. Breaking Butterflies has an awesome cover.

  11. Awesome Haul! Hope you enjoy your new reads :)

  12. Great haul this week, a lot of interesting looking books. I haven't heard of Ashes to Ashes before but I love the cover and the premise sounds interesting too. I hope you enjoy them all :)

  13. Juliet Marillier! I looove her! I haven't read this series from her yet, but I have the first book. She just writes so beautifully. :)

    Have a great week Mands! :D
    Rachel @ Paper Cuts

  14. I've been curious about the Nowhere Boys TV show, I didn't realise they were bringing out a book. It sounds really interesting! The cover fo Breaking Butterflies is so pretty - can''t wait to see the mani you do for it, if you do one.

  15. Ooh I've heard good things about the Juliet Marillier series. And Breaking Butterflies is so pretty!

  16. Head of the River sounds amazing! You know you're excited when you get an embargoed book and read it first anyway. Hope you enjoy all your fab reads! :-)


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