Saturday, 17 May 2014

#OzYAChat 2 Recap

Shaheen from Speculating on SpefFic and I have started a twitter chat specifically for Aussie YA books, #OzYAChat. We'll be doing recaps on our blogs every fortnight and this week it's my turn! Check out the recap of our Contemporary Aussie YA chat below, and feel free to answer the questions in a comment at the end!

I hope you enjoyed the recap, it's a great way for people who've missed out to catch up and see what we talked about. Join us on May 29 for our next #OzYAChat!


  1. It looked like a fun chat!

  2. These chats are great for learning about authors and novels I haven't heard of and read. A lot of fun!

  3. Ooh, thanks for sharing these, Mandee! I definitely agree that Aussie YA tends to be so raw, real, and mature; it never talks down to a YA audience and I love that. Plus, it isn't afraid to broach difficult subject matter or include diversity into its script. We're still not that far ahead, here, in the States. *sigh* Lovely chat! :)

  4. A wonderful chat! Thank you for the recap, its so great to read the mix of answers.


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