Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Mish Mash Challenge: Triangle

It's week ten of the Mish Mash Challenge and the theme is: triangles.

I had a couple of ideas for this, I wanted to try triangle galaxy nails as well as making my own nail decals but when I tried this decal tutorial the polish would not peel off so I abandoned that idea.

In the end I chose a colour scheme and went with triangle half moons and some some smaller triangle accent nails.

I painted each nail with 2 coats of WnW French White Creme. Once dry, I taped off a triangle shape on my index, middle, and pinky nails  and painted on Nubar Dusk till Dawn.

On my thumb and ring nails I used a small nail art brush and Nubar Dusk till Dawn and Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine to paint on some small triangles.

*blows a raspberry* So, this is not exactly what I pictured but I do like the combination of white, blue, and yellow :)


  1. Bugger about the polish not peeling off for the decals but I think this is really sweet and I love the colour combo too :)

  2. These colors are great. I hate that when I try tutorials and it doesn't work for me. :( I like the triangle half moons look.

  3. I love different types of half moons! Very pretty!

  4. I think it looks excellent.. Great color combo.

  5. I really like those colours together, and the whole thing looks fab! =)

  6. Even though your original plans didn't work out, I really love how funky and sweet this mani is! The colors play so well together... I feel the need to try this out! :-D

  7. I like the way your mani turned out. Great color combo.

  8. I really like the white nails with the freeform triangles. I don't think I have ever tried triangles before. This looks really good!

  9. Super pretty! The triangle half moons are so nice!

  10. I like the color combo too. And I like the triangle half moons better than the usual. I love geometric designs!


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