Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Gloss 'n Sparkle

I'm interrupting my usual schedule of book manis with some swatches of a great Aussie, indie brand, Gloss 'n Sparkle. I contacted the owner about the vegan/cruelty free status and was really pleased to find out they are a-ok!

I ordered two, but I was accidentally sent three different polishes which the owner kindly insisted I keep, and then I was sent the two I ordered:

Unicorn Droppings, Sweet Charity, Cookie Dough, Ice Ice Baby, and Pink Cigarette

Look at all that glitter!

First up is Unicorn Droppings (2 coats) - a milky white polish with large rainbow glitter and micro sparkles. This one is adorable and completely different to any polish I own

This is Sweet Charity (2 coats) - an orange base with small fuchsia and blue glitter. I really like orange so I knew this was one I needed

Next up is Cookie Dough (2 coats) - a polish almost good enough to eat! It's a pale tan base with large brown glitter and micro copper glitter.

Next we have Ice Ice Baby (2 coats over Zoya Dove) - a clear top coat filled with large pale blue, teal, and white glitter as well as micro copper glitter

And lastly, Pink Cigarette (2 coats) - a purpley-pink with small white and black glitter plus large dark orange glitter

I found all of these easy to apply and I liked the variation in the colour and size of the glitter. I'm really impressed with the range and quality of indie nail polish companies, and Gloss 'n Sparkle is one I am looking forward to purchasing from again.

Aussies, you can purchase them via the Etsy store or Femme Fatale Cosmetics. International readers, you can purchase them from Shoppe Eclecticco or Llarowe.


  1. Wow you lucky duck scoring those freebies! Gloss n Sparkle polishes are so gorgeous )

  2. Unicorn Droppings is the best name I've ever seen for anything! I love it!

  3. i love the concept of your blog! unicorn droppings is my favourite!

  4. ooh i wish i could get aussie polishes easily. i am loving some of these. thanks for the swatches!

  5. Ice Ice Baby is my favorite. But I love this entire post because I have a thing for glitter and sparkles :)

  6. These are all pretty - but Cookie Dough looks outstanding to me! Thank you for sharing these, I think I'll have to check Llarowe for this one :D

  7. So pretty! I'd love to hear more about Aussie polish companies... I don't know very much about them.

  8. Unicorn Droppings! HA!! That and Cookie Dough are my favorites but they are all so pretty.

  9. I'm commenting again to let you know I have nominated you for the Best Blog Award, check out the details below:
    Chantelle xx

  10. these look amazing! I love cookie dough and unicorn droppings and pink cigarette the most but its a close call, the are all stunning & all cruelty free, yay!

  11. Oooh I really like Unicorn Droppings!

  12. I love chunky glitter in nail polish! I'll have to check these out.


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