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I'm The Bookish Manicurist. I enjoy painting my nails to match the books I read. I have always loved reading and also enjoy nail art so naturally I combined my love of the two. I mostly read and review YA so those are the sorts of books you'll see featured here.

I now have a private nail room so if you want to come and have your nails done, you can shoot me an email and book in! You can have bookish nails or any other sort of nail art that you choose. Check out my instagram account to get an idea of my style.

I live in Sydney with my boyfriend and our three cats. When I'm not reading or painting my nails you'll find me swimming, lying in the sun, watching my favourite tv shows over and over again, and reviewing books.


  1. Just found your site, and your work is incredible. I'm a fellow booklover but have never seen this done before, congratulations! Its so cool you're a fellow Aussie, brilliant :-)

  2. Painting your nails to match the books you read is seriously one of the most awesome and original ideas I've ever heard of. I love them all! Especially Quintana's. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for each book you read in the future! :)
    - Rachel

  3. What a lovely idea!! I have just decided recently to start doing up my nails nicer and I love the idea of doing it to match the book theme!! :D

  4. I was like Wow! when I saw your blog! A fellow book lover and nail artist! Well I'm not that good at nail art and I've never tried to use book covers as inspiration but I love that idea! I've only read Beautiful Redemption but the other books look really interesting. I shared the post on Under the Never Sky on my facebook page because I was so excited! Can't wait for more!

  5. I just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! You can find out the details over at my blog! Thanks!

  6. Mands, I absolutely LOVE your blog - what a fun and quirky idea! I'm not sure if you've already been chosen for this, but I've selected The Bookish Manicurist as one of eleven blogs I've nominated for the Liebster Award, which has been circulating around! You can find out more at The Write Things, The Liebster Award

  7. Hey! Someone directed me to your blog and I must say I LOVE this! You are so creative! I love how you take something that is stereotypically geekish and turn that into something hip and trendy and fashionable! I'm a college librarian and am always on the search for innovative ways to promote reading to teens age 11 to 18 and I'd love to use this concept as a marketing tool! Not sure how but I'm sure I can get many girls who would be keen to have their nails painted in the library based on their favourite book covers. Very exciting!

  8. Seriously, I would fly from Brisbane to Sydney just to have you paint my nails! You are so talented!


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