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Came Back to Show You I Could Fly by Robin Klein

Came Back to Show You I Could Fly by Robin Klein
Published Feb 27, 2017 by Text Publishing (first published 1989)
Source: the publisher
Rating: 4 stars

From the blurb: Seymour is bored and lonely, and running from a gang of kids when he opens a back-lane gate. And there is Angie. She is older than Seymour, confident, cool and alluring, and she treats him with the affection of an older sister. Seymour is captivated—through Angie he is awakened to the fun and adventure in life. But Angie has a dark side—a secret that threatens to destroy her. And as Seymour begins to understand that all is not well he knows he has to help her.

Came Back to Show You I Could Fly by Robin Klein is an iconic Australian classic. But, as I mentioned in my review of the Melling sister series, it's a book I missed out on reading as a child. I am thrilled that Text Publishing have released this beautiful new edition so that I could finally read this story.

Eleven year old Seymour Kerley has been sent to stay with a friend of the family, while his parents separate. It's the school holidays and there are plenty of things he'd rather be doing, but Thelma tells him he must stay in the house while she's out at work because Seymour's mother is afraid his father will try to kidnap him. Seymour knows his mother is being dramatic to garner attention and pity and eventually he leaves the safety of Thelma's property by jumping the back fence. After a chance meeting with twenty year old Angie Easterbrook, he beings exploring the city in her company.

Seymour is such a good kid. He tries his best to behave because his mother has bought him up to mind his manners and do as he's told. But, he's troubled by his parents' separation and doesn't think his father is being treated fairly. Watching him grow in confidence was wonderful. At the beginning of the book he's frightened of other children, but by the end of the book he's able to fend for himself.

Seymour's interactions with Angie are bittersweet. Adult readers will have an idea of the trouble Angie is in, but younger readers might be in Seymour's shoes, easily believing the stories she tells. It's clear Seymour is enamoured with Angie, she appears confident, in control, and so wordly to him.

Came Back to Show You I Could Fly is a story of friendship, loyalty, and compassion. It's simply told but perfectly captures the difficulty families face when dealing with addiction.

Thank you to Text Publishing for my copy.

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