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Another Night in Mullet Town by Steven Herrick

Another Night in Mullet Town by Steven Herrick

Published June 27, 2016 by UQP
Source: the publisher
Rating: 3 stars

From the blurb: Life for Jonah and Manx means fishing for mullet at the lake, watching their school mates party on Friday night and wishing they had the courage to talk to Ella and Rachel.But now their lakeside town is being sold off, life doesn't seem so simple. Manx holds a grudge against the wealthy blow-ins from the city and Jonah just wants his parents to stop arguing.One memorable night at the lake will change everything.

Another Night in Mullet Town by Steven Herrick is a verse novel set in the fictional town of Turon. Sixteen Jonah lives with his mother, and his father, an interstate truck driver, is often away. Jonah spends his days at school and the rest of his time with best mate, Manx. They enjoy fishing in Coraki Lake, and drinking with local kids on the weekends.

Jonah is struggling with his home life. His father's absence is creating tension between his parents, and eventually his mum moves to her sister's leaving Jonah alone. Luckily he has Manx, a true best friend and someone that looks out for him. Jonah also develops a relationship with a long term crush, Ella, and she brings some happiness and lightness into his life.

Manx is struggling with out-of-towners moving in and wanting to develop their town. He butts up against the rich kids who live in mansions at Tipping Point, but he also uses them to his advantage. It was admirable to watch Manx fight against them and to see Jonah try and protect his friend.

Another Night in Mullet Town is a quiet story but one that manages to tackle a lot of issues. At heart it's about family and community. The writing beautifully captures a slice of small town life and what true friendship means.

Thank you to UQP for my copy.

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