Sunday, 13 March 2016

Jaclyn Moriarty High Tea at Better Read Than Dead

Almost two years ago I attended my first high tea event at the Better Read Than Dead bookstore in Newtown. The tea was for the three Moriarty sisters: Jaclyn, Nicola, and Liane. It was really wonderful and the lovely staff that run it were kind enough to arrange some vegan food for me.

Yesterday I attended another high tea, this time a launch for Jaclyn's latest book, A Tangle of Gold. It's a brilliant conclusion to The Colours of Madeleine series.

I've already done nails for AToG, but I decided to do a more wearble version of that manicure for the event:

Also in attendance was Justine Larbalestier, she conducted the clever and insightful interview with Jaci. The event was fun, humorous, entertaining, and I know would-be authors in the audience were inspired by the conversation.

Some comments I tweeted:

  • Jaclyn Moriarty got the idea for The Colours of Madeleine series from a notebook, coloured pencils, and some pictures she drew
  • Jaclyn decided the monsters in her series would be colours. She obsessed over her colour research
  • Named the kingdom Cello, then decided she had to learn to play the cello 
  • Her plan for the series was 200 pages long
  • The Moriarty sisters read each other's work and give lots of praise, as well as critiquing
  • What's Jaclyn working on now? About 5 different things including adult fic, YA, a time travel book, and a biography
  • Annnnnd a new Ashbury/Brookfield book!!!!!!
  • The Ashbury/Brookfield series was inspired by a decade of letter writing between Jaci and a school friend

Once again the staff provided food for me, something I appreciate so much - thanks, girls!

I had my copy of A Tangle of Gold signed, and since I already own all of Jaci's books, I purchased another Aussie YA new release, The Stars at Oktober Bend by Glenda Millard.

The upstairs area at Better Read Than Dead is a great little venue for the high teas, and I recommend you keep an eye on their events page to see if one of your favourite authors will be there in the future.


  1. The nails look so good! Love all the different color in it.

  2. Sounds like another fun event! I wish I could attend bookish high tea too :D The cover for the book has THE best colour scheme ever so naturally I adore your mani ♥ Thanks for sharing about this event my friend! xx


    Also LOVE your nails and I think Jaclyn's writing kind of matches the Tangle of Gold font? This tea sounded like so much fun. Cannot wait for Jaclyn's next books (and biography??). Thanks for the wonderful and informative post, Mands!


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