Thursday, 4 February 2016

Summer Skin by Kirsty Eagar

Summer Skin by Kirsty Eagar
Published January 27, 2016 by Allen & Unwin
Source: purchased
Rating: 5 stars

From the blurb: Jess Gordon is out for revenge. Last year the jocks from Knights College tried to shame her best friend. This year she and a hand-picked college girl gang are going to get even.The lesson: don't mess with Unity girls.The target: Blondie, a typical Knights stud, arrogant, cold . . . and smart enough to keep up with Jess.A neo-riot grrl with a penchant for fanning the flames meets a rugby-playing sexist pig - sworn enemies or two people who happen to find each other when they're at their most vulnerable?It's all Girl meets Boy, Girl steals from Boy, seduces Boy, ties Boy to a chair and burns Boy's stuff. Just your typical love story.

Summer Skin is the fourth novel by Aussie author, Kirsty Eagar. Set in Brisbane at a college called Unity, we meet Jess Gordon, economics student, and her friends Farren, Leanne, and Allie. Unity is a co-ed college and the girls all live on campus. Their rivals have and always will be the boys from Knights College, and an event last year only made them more keen to teach them a lesson. The girls have come up with a event to shame the boys, and it's in preparation for this when Jess meets a Knights boy, she nicknames him Blondie, later finding out his name is Mitch.

From the beginning the dynamic between Jess and Mitch is tense yet fluid, each of them sure they know what to expect, only to find out their assumptions are wrong. Jess has never really been in love and has rules about what she will and won't do with a guy. Mitch has an interesting past, more complicated and not as predictable as I was expecting.

Their experiences at college and their tentative relationship felt so real, something Eagar always excels at writing about, she captured their lives perfectly and I know other readers will connect with it, whether a student now, or looking back on their years at uni.

Summer Skin is a perfect YA read for teens and adults, spanning a year of a girl's life in which she discovers who she wants to be.

I love the brightness of this cover and thought I'd do a simple manicure to match.

I started with 2 coats of Ulta3 Fruit Tingle.

I used acrylic paint for the stripes on my middle and ring finger.


  1. Great book review and nice nail art to go with the cover too.

  2. Ooh! I definitely want to read this now. And as always, your nails are amazing.

  3. It's been so long since I read a novel by Eagar so thanks for putting her back on my radar! I don't re-call enjoying her Night Beach, much, but I did love her prose so I need to add this to my TBR for sure since I love realistic teenage stories. Thanks for sharing, Mandee, and your nails are gorgeous!

  4. This sounds like a really compelling read^^ I'm a big fan of Aussie authors so I need to check this one out! Lovely review as always my friend and your mani is STUNNING ♥


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