Friday, 9 October 2015

Frankie and Joely by Nova Weetman

Frankie and Joely by Nova Weetman
Published July 2015 by UQP
Source: the publisher
Rating: 5 stars

From the blurb: Frankie and Joely are best friends. They love each other like no one else can. It's summer and, together, the girls are escaping the city and their mums for a week of freedom in the country. But when Joely introduces Frankie to her country cousins, Thommo and Mack, it soon becomes clear that something other than the heat is getting under their skin. As the temperature rises, local boy Rory stirs things up even more and secrets start to blister. Will they still be ‘Frankie and Joely’ by the end of their holiday?

I adored Nova Weetman's debut novel, The Haunting of Lily Frost, so I was really excited to read her second book, Frankie and Joely.

Frankie and Joely are two teenage girls living in Melbourne. They've been best friends for two years and are going to spend the summer in the fictional rural town of Payne. Joely extended family lives there and at first she was keen to bring her friend along, but the simmering tension and secrets between them has her wondering if she's made a mistake.

This story really highlights the complexity of female friendships, particularly how difficult communication can be for teenage girls. Both Frankie and Joely have issues they want to talk about, but each of them feels embarrassment, shame, or fear, and so a lot of things go unsaid.

I was completely drawn into their story from the very beginning, there is such an energy throughout the book, and the multiple perspectives helped to show how differently each character felt.
The heat of the country summer was also easy to feel through the vivid descriptions of the town, I really felt as though I were in Payne with the girls.

Frankie and Joely is a beautiful, touching story filled with complex yet lovable characters that readers will easily relate to and empathise with. I loved this book and know it will be well-received by readers of all ages.

Thank you to UQP for my review copy.

No nails for this one, but the nails I did for Nova's debut novel are still one of my favourites!


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