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Burn by Paula Weston

This post contains a review and a bookish manicure.

Burn (The Repahim #4) by Paula Weston

Published June 24, 2015 by Text Publishing
Source: the publisher
Rating: 4 stars

From the blurb: Gaby remembers everything.For a year she believed she was a backpacker chilling out in Pandanus Beach. Working at the library. Getting over the accident that killed her twin brother.Then Rafa came to find her and Gaby discovered her true identity as Gabe: one of the Rephaim. Over a hundred years old. Half angel, half human, all demon-smiting badass—and hopelessly attracted to the infuriating Rafa.Now she knows who faked her memories, and how—and why it’s all hurtling towards a massive showdown between the forces of heaven and hell.More importantly, she remembers why she’s spent the last ten years wanting to seriously hurt Rafa.

Burn is the fourth and final novel in Paula Weston's much-loved Rephaim series. This is a new adult series that doesn't follow the usual tropes, instead it perfectly blends romance, angel lore, an idyllic Australian setting, action, and a range of realistic, engaging characters. It also wouldn't be a Paula Weston book without a reference to the Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl, check and check!

I love this series, but there was a major bump in the road for me, Shimmer (book three). It pained me last year when I discovered I just could not get through it because it felt like filler and there was just too much standing around for me, so I gave up. Perhaps I missed out on something awesome towards the middle or end of the book, but I have no regrets. And, the wonderful thing about this series is that these book contain prologues as well as a cast of characters - this is such a help when you're reading a series as it's published, often within a year between instalments.

So, I was a little apprehensive to begin Burn, but I needn't have been, this is a fantastic end to the series. We learn what Gaby has remembered about her past with Rafa, Jude, and the others. There's plenty of action; from heated scenes between Gaby and Rafa, to an epic battle on the beach. It's also great to see Gaby become stronger and more confident in who she truly is. I loved the way it all wrapped up, it was a very satisfying ending to this amazing series.

I know angels are a sticky point for a lot of YA readers, but do not let that put you off this series, there is so much more to it than just angels. If you're a Daughter of Smoke and Bone fan, give these books a go.

Thank you to Text Publishing for my review copy.

I've always loved the covers of this series, from the original Aussie cover of Shadows, to the eventual adoption of the UK redesign. I did nails inspired by the colours of Shadows way back when I started with bookish nails, and I attempted nails to match Haze the night before my flight to LA 2 years ago, but in my haste they were a bit of a mess and I never finished them. So, in honour of the final book, I did nails to match this gorgeous cover.

I used acrylic paint to sponge on the various greens of the background.

I used a fine brush and acrylic paint for Gaby and her brilliant orange wings.


  1. The nail art of the book cover looks amazing!

  2. Oh wow, these nails are SO well done. I'm glad you read this one and really loved it, even if you disliked the third. Doesn't sound like you missed much!

  3. Hi Mandee (waves) I love this series, it's one of my faves so I'm pleased that you enjoyed it despite not liking Shimmer & I love your nail art - perfection.

  4. I still need to get into this series Mands but I've heard wonderful things about it! The first book is already on my wishlist/tbr shelf and I can't wait to get my hands on it :) I'm sorry that book 3 was a letdown but at least you enjoyed this one :D Oh and you made some lovely nails to match ♥ xx

  5. I'd love to give this book a try. I've never red daughter and that kind of books but I am very curious about this book after reading your review! oh and the nail art looks great, very matching and looks exacly like the book cover ;)

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  9. This series was good. I think ur nails look amazing. I think ur nails and the book cover look identical.

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