Friday, 24 July 2015

Falling into Place by Amy Zhang

This post contains a review and a bookish manicure.

Falling into Place by Amy Zhang
Published September 9, 2014 by Greenwillow Books
Source: the publisher via Netgalley
Rating: 5 stars
From the blurb: On the day Liz Emerson tries to die, they had reviewed Newton’s laws of motion in physics class. Then, after school, she put them into practice by running her Mercedes off the road. Why? Why did Liz Emerson decide that the world would be better off without her? Why did she give up? Vividly told by an unexpected and surprising narrator, this heartbreaking and nonlinear novel pieces together the short and devastating life of Meridian High’s most popular junior girl. Mass, momentum, force—Liz didn’t understand it in physics, and even as her Mercedes hurtles toward the tree, she doesn’t understand it now. How do we impact one another? How do our actions reverberate? What does it mean to be a friend? To love someone? To be a daughter? Or a mother? Is life truly more than cause and effect?
I read this back in January and for some reason took no notes, so I’m just going to tell you how this book made me feel: depressed and sad, but it was also beautiful and something I want to recommend to every YA reader. Liz was an amazing and complex main character, she’d been a mean girl for so long but was tiring of it, but she also found it a hard role to abandon. Reading about how she planned her death really got to me, I could not stop thinking about what it would be like to plan it in so much detail and spend all that time with such a big secret. I loved this book and despite the sad theme, it’s a book I definitely want to re-read. It’s a powerful and intense story so don’t let the topic put you off reading it.

Thank you Greenwillow Books for my Netgalley review copy.

I loved this cover on first sight and knew I’d do my nails to match, these were done back in February.

I started with a base of China Glaze At Vase Value and I used acrylic paint for the car, hand, road, and all the equations.


  1. So cute! The letters are so small I thought they were stamped!!

  2. I've heard a lot of good things about this one and now from you: this is all really making me want to read this for myself. I'd have to be in the mood for a good cry though but I could see really enjoying it^^ Lovely mani to match as always too ♥

  3. I just can't with YA about suicide currently.

  4. Hi New Follower and lover of those nails they are gorgeous.

    I struggle a little with books that deal with such a serious topic but it certainly sounds like a good though sad read.

    Heather | Random Redheaded Ramblings

  5. I remember really enjoying this read as well, even though it was really sad at times. Love the nails :)


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