Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Sandy Feet by Nikki Buick

The moment I saw the cover for Sandy Feet by Nikki Buick, I knew I had to do nails to match. I have a thing for palm trees and things with a summer-y vibe and this cover captures that perfectly.

I started with a base of Ulta3 Frangipani, a lovely bright yellow.

For the design I used a very fine brush and acrylic paint.

Sandy Feet by Nikki Buick
Published September 24, 2014 by UQP
Source: the publisher
Rating: 2 stars/DNF

No review for this one as I didn't end up finishing it. As most readers know, I love Aussie YA, but I could not connect with the MC and eventually gave up on him and his story. I even tried to give it another go recently hoping my feelings had changed but found I still could not invest in his story and decided not to push it. I'd still recommend this to all fans of contemporary YA fiction.

Thank you to UQP for my review copy.


  1. I like how you did the headlights a lot!

  2. Love the nails, as always, though I'm sorry to see this wasn't worth the time and effort. Thanks for your honest review, Mandee!

  3. These look awesome!! Great summer design!

    Hope you can follow me back :)

  4. What a bummer that the story for this one just didn't click with you, but hey: at least you got a killer mani out of it :D I adore the yellow colour with black detailing that both the cover and your mani highlight - especially with the select few splashes of white to mix things up and add contrast! Awesome job as usual Mands ♥

  5. Impressed by your nails, sad the book was a bummer :(

  6. I'm sorry to see this was a DNF Mandee. Your nails look amazing!

    Sharon – Obsession with Books

  7. *_* As always you amaze me. Girl I'll just get onto first plane and fly half of the world so you can do my nails! :) Anyhow I'm sorry you didn't connect with the MC :( Too bad. Great review, Mags :)

  8. i am in love with this nails ! beautiful work girl !

  9. Aw, I love how your nails match the book<3 So creative! Great review as well :)

    Benish | Feminist Reflections

  10. This post is (again) Just so creative!
    I love reading your blog, and I look forward to read your next post :)

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us!
    Xoxo Julia

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