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Tigerfish by David Metzenthen and Quincy Jordan by Jen Storer

This post contains two mini reviews

Tigerfish by David Metzenthen
Published January 29, 2014 by Penguin
Source: the publisher
Rating: 3 stars
From the blurb: Better in here, they think. Safe and sound. No shocks and no surprises. Twenty-one degrees Celsius all year round.
Ryan Lanyon lives in the shadows of a shopping centre on the far side of the city. His brother is a bouncer. His best mate owns weapons. Ariel works in a surf-shop and has never seen the sea. And the tragedies of the past will poison the future – unless someone has the guts to cross the line.

Tigerfish by David Metzetthen is set in the fictional Melbourne suburb of Templeton. Ryan Lanyon lives with his family, goes to school with his best mate Evan, and hangs out at their local mall, Sky Point (otherwise known as Knifepoint). It’s there he meets Ariel, a girl new to the suburb and one Ryan feels drawn to.

Tigerfish is a character driven novel, told in first person via Ryan’s narration. What I always love about David’s books are his strong male characters and Ryan is a great example of this. I immediately felt like I was in his head, sharing his thoughts, his voice so clear to me. He’s a good guy, the best. He knows he doesn’t live in a great suburb, he knows there are bad things happening, and his concerns are always for his family, friends, and for his dog, Dee Dee. Speaking of Dee Dee, I spent the whole book terrified that something awful was going to happen to her.

The world felt futuristic and bleak, the suburb, the park, the mall were all so vivid. The story was suspenseful but never hurried, I felt edgy and nervous the entire time, finally breathing a sigh of relief once I was done reading.

Tigerfish is a unique look at the life of a teenager, one that’s gritty, sometimes dark, but with a bright future ahead and plenty of heart.

Thank you to the lovely people at Penguin for my review copy.

Quincy Jordan (Crystal Bay Girls #1) by Jen Storer
Published January 29, 2014 by Penguin AU
Source: the publisher
Rating: 3 stars
From the blurb: Quincy Jordan doesn't want to meet her hippie cousins and go to school in Crystal Bay. Her life in Sydney is perfect. She's going to save her parents' marriage, score perfect marks at school and become a surgeon. Her only regret is that she'll never be a fashion designer. But sacrifices must be made!
There's no way that Quincy is going to be 'Crystallised' – that is until her cousin Esme, the school musical and a cute boy called Harris change everything . . .

Quincy Jordan by Jen Storer is set in the fictional beachside town of Crystal Bay. Quincy and her mother move there after her father leaves them. They move in with her aunt, uncle, and cousins. Quincy is determined to get back to Sydney as soon as possible but things don’t go as she planned.

I love beachside settings and really enjoyed this sweet little novel. Before the separation, Quincy was under a lot of pressure from her parents and herself to be the perfect daughter and student. She was set on becoming a surgeon just like her father and had to hide the fact that she really adored fashion. Moving to Crystal Bay allowed Quincy to realise her true passion rather than doing what she felt was expected. She was quite bratty at first but I liked that she was quite self-aware, she knew her behaviour was terrible and eventually she changed her attitude.

This is a great book for teens, it has romance, friend and family issues and is a lot of fun to read.

Thank you to the lovely people at Penguin for my review copy.


  1. Not familiar with either of these titles, I'll have to look into them more =) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I think Tigerfish sounds really interesting- I like gritty novels!

  3. Both these novels seem unique and interesting, though I'm not sure I'd pick them up as they don't seem downright amazing either. Lovely reviews, Mands!(:

    1. I really enjoyed them both, and I think you'd possibly like Tigerfish!

  4. I haven't seen these two books before but they do seem pretty fun and intriguing.

    Great reviews! <33


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