Monday, 13 January 2014

The Eyes of the Dragon

I haven't been doing many bookish manicures lately, I've been doing regular nail art and nail art inspired by movies (I'll do a post on those soon) but this is one I did last month. I am a fan of Stephen King's books, especially The Dark Tower series - it is fantastic, I've re-read it about three times. So when a friend mentioned another of his books, set in one of the same worlds, I knew I had to read it. That book is The Eyes of the Dragon. I was drawn to this cover and knew I'd do nails to match.

I started with 2 coats of Models Own Blueberry Muffin (it's a scented polish and smells quite delish!) This is such a pretty pale blue, I need to use it more often.

I did the castle walls and the sun (or moon) with a fine brush and acrylic paint.


  1. I love his books! Great mani!:)

  2. These are awesome! Stephen King is one of my favorite authors as well ^^.

  3. Looks just like the cover :)

  4. awesome! you aare unique bookish nail artist !love this mani !and color blue !

  5. This manicure looks just soo creative, and I love how it matches with the book.
    I think this is a beautiful mani ;)
    Thanks for sharing it with us!

    Xx julia

  6. These look amazing, you did a great job translating the cover onto your nails! Love me some Stephen King :)

  7. Big secret - I've never read any Stephen King. :0 Actually I did read one Dark Tower graphic novel but that's it. I really do want to, it just hasn't happened yet. Love this manicure though. What an awesome cover, too.

  8. How wow... very good. I love Stephen King and haven't seen anyone paint their nails based off the books. Eyes of the Dragon is an amazing book. I love that it is King writing Fantasy!


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