Thursday, 9 January 2014

Mish Mash Challenge: inspired by a decade

Evening all! This week the theme of Kimber's Mish Mash Challenge is: inspired by a decade. I wanted to do 90s but I couldn't think of things to go with that theme and then I remembered I had some poodle decals so I decided to do nails inspired by 50s poodle skirts!

I started with a base of Ulta3 Lily White on my index, middle, and pinky nails. On my thumb and ring nails I used 3 coats of Ulta3 Pink Dahlia.

I stuck the decals on top of the pink nails, and I used the same pink to add dots to the white nails. I used Ulta3 Black Satin to add the tips on the white nails.

Apologies for the photo, I was really disappointed with these, I kept stuffing up nails, then I ruined about 5 decals, and so I just took the photos with my phone rather than my camera. 

Have a great week, gang!


  1. what a nice surprise ! i love dogs ,and have one smaller! so i fall in love with this nails!
    realy like !

  2. Those poodle decals are super cute!

  3. Very cute! I love pink & black together


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