Monday, 27 January 2014


Happy public holiday, Aussie readers! And happy Sunday/Monday to all intl folks :)

I know it's only January but I already know that the book I feature today is one of my favourites of 2014, as well as of all time. The book is Bird and it's the debut novel of Crystal Chan. It's beautiful and so sad that it left me feeling really wrung out (I cried bucketloads!)

The cover is so simple yet so pretty and I had the perfect blue to match, Orly La Playa - I did 2 coats on each nail.

I decided to paint the bird over my middle and ring nails - I used acrylic paint and a fine brush.

This is such a a fun cover to match and I came up with a couple of other ideas for readers who want to match their nails but without as much fuss:

1. Paint your nails navy blue - easy!
2. Paint 3 or 4 of your nails navy blue but do 1 or 2 accent nails in a light blue and add clouds with white polish.
3. Paint all of your nails with a light blue and add clouds with white polish.

If you love contemporary novels, do yourself a favour and checkout this wonderful book.


  1. Love the nails. The colors match perfectly. Have not heard of this but adding to my TBR pile now.

  2. fantastic mani,with all small details !love it all!and love the blue !

  3. i love this main. it's stunning and looks so much like the book. love how you spread the picture over a few nails.

    i loved the book as well. i need to get a review written but am struggling so much. dues to loss of words for the awesomeness, and also as i havent written a review in so long i am seriously rusty.

  4. this is SUCH a special manicure, you captured the cover beautifully. :-D

  5. Each post just has me awed. So pretty.

  6. Your nails look just so creative!
    I really like them :)

    Xx Julia

  7. Oh I would love to try this one! I am obsessed with birds and I love the navy blue color! Such an awesome job! I :D

  8. This is absolutely stunning Mands! Adding this book to my wishlist too

  9. I personally know the author, Crystal Chan, and she's as amazing as her book.


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