Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Mish Mash Challenge: Green and Favourite Technique

The theme of the Mish Mash Challenge is: green. Last week I missed out on posting because my camera stopped communicating with my laptop, so I've also used that theme - favourite technique. My favourite technique is freehand painting and I was inspired by this gorgeous manicure by Kimiko7878.

I used 2 coats of Emily de Molly Monet's Garden as my base - it's such a pretty polish.

Then I used acrylic paint and a fine brush to paint the vines and leaves

Have a great night :)

Monday, 27 January 2014


Happy public holiday, Aussie readers! And happy Sunday/Monday to all intl folks :)

I know it's only January but I already know that the book I feature today is one of my favourites of 2014, as well as of all time. The book is Bird and it's the debut novel of Crystal Chan. It's beautiful and so sad that it left me feeling really wrung out (I cried bucketloads!)

The cover is so simple yet so pretty and I had the perfect blue to match, Orly La Playa - I did 2 coats on each nail.

I decided to paint the bird over my middle and ring nails - I used acrylic paint and a fine brush.

This is such a a fun cover to match and I came up with a couple of other ideas for readers who want to match their nails but without as much fuss:

1. Paint your nails navy blue - easy!
2. Paint 3 or 4 of your nails navy blue but do 1 or 2 accent nails in a light blue and add clouds with white polish.
3. Paint all of your nails with a light blue and add clouds with white polish.

If you love contemporary novels, do yourself a favour and checkout this wonderful book.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Mish Mash Challenge: two colours you would never normally pair up

What what! It's time for the Mish Mash Challenge and this week the theme is: two colours you would never normally pair up. So, I am funny about colours, there are certain colours I don't like to wear together, one combination is red and green. Red and green always screams Christmas to me and I don't like them together unless it's the holiday season.

I didn't really have any good ideas this week so I did a simple skittlette. I used two of the new Ulta3 Candy Couture colours: Toffee Apple (green) and Rock Candy (red) as well as Essence Sparkle Sand in Me & My Lover.

Pretty Christmassy, yes? These were ok but they felt so wrong!

Have a great night :)

Monday, 13 January 2014

The Eyes of the Dragon

I haven't been doing many bookish manicures lately, I've been doing regular nail art and nail art inspired by movies (I'll do a post on those soon) but this is one I did last month. I am a fan of Stephen King's books, especially The Dark Tower series - it is fantastic, I've re-read it about three times. So when a friend mentioned another of his books, set in one of the same worlds, I knew I had to read it. That book is The Eyes of the Dragon. I was drawn to this cover and knew I'd do nails to match.

I started with 2 coats of Models Own Blueberry Muffin (it's a scented polish and smells quite delish!) This is such a pretty pale blue, I need to use it more often.

I did the castle walls and the sun (or moon) with a fine brush and acrylic paint.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Mish Mash Challenge: inspired by a decade

Evening all! This week the theme of Kimber's Mish Mash Challenge is: inspired by a decade. I wanted to do 90s but I couldn't think of things to go with that theme and then I remembered I had some poodle decals so I decided to do nails inspired by 50s poodle skirts!

I started with a base of Ulta3 Lily White on my index, middle, and pinky nails. On my thumb and ring nails I used 3 coats of Ulta3 Pink Dahlia.

I stuck the decals on top of the pink nails, and I used the same pink to add dots to the white nails. I used Ulta3 Black Satin to add the tips on the white nails.

Apologies for the photo, I was really disappointed with these, I kept stuffing up nails, then I ruined about 5 decals, and so I just took the photos with my phone rather than my camera. 

Have a great week, gang!

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Mish Mash Challenge: favourite colour

Happy New Year, everyone! Today the theme of Kimber's Mish Mash Challenge is: favourite colour. When I was little my fave colour was pink, then I went through a green phase which has continued but really I love most colours, and I really love bright colours over white. So, I decided to go with pink and green.

On all my nails I started with 2 coats of BYS French White. On my thumb, index, and pinky I used Polish Me Silly (formerly Lush Lacquer) Rosie's Posies - a white crelly base with pink and green matte glitter.

I'd recently been reminded of MrCandiiPants' tutorials and wanted to recreate her well-known floral mani, but I just could not get my flowers to look like hers, I think mine look a bit like starfish. I used BYS Pink Panic and BYS Steal the Limelight.