Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Mish Mash Challenge: nature

Evening, all! This week the theme of the Mish Mash Challenge is nature. There seemed to be endless possibilities but I wanted to do something holiday-themed and I was inspired by this gorgeous manicure by Bad Girl Nails - isn't it stunning?

This week I received my first order from Pretty Pots Polish, an Aussie indie brand, and I wanted to try one out. I used 2 coats of Pretty Pots Polish Christmas Treats over 2 coats of China Glaze White Out. I also used CG White Out as the base for my nail art.

For the poinsettias I used acrylic paint and a fine brush.

I added some gold caviar beads to the centre of each flower after dotting on some top coat.


  1. I looove this one!
    The flowers look just perfect! And The caviar beads match beautiful with the red color of the flowers.

    I also like the different colors you used for this design! ;)
    Xx julia

  2. Beautiful flowers! They're just perfect:)
    And I like this nail polish:)

  3. Wonderful christmas design! Poinsettia is difficult but amazing design for festive season.

  4. Love your flowers, they look so realistic!

  5. Really really cute and well designed.
    I arrived here from 'Light your nails!' and I think you are very talented. Compliments!

  6. Wow your pointsettias are gorgeous!!

  7. Beautiful, so Christmassy! Love that Pretty Pots polish too!

  8. Simply beautiful! Your poinsettias are perfect! :)

  9. The gold caviar beads were a perfect touch. I love these!

  10. These are absolutely gorgeous!

  11. Um, yes to all of this.

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