Sunday, 29 December 2013

Code Name Verity

One of my favourite books of 2012, and of all time, is Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein. It's an amazing story of friendship and I highly recommend it. It's well loved by fellow YA bloggers, including my friend, Maggie. Magz just wrote a guest post about her love for the book and the author over at Chachic's blog.

Knowing our love for the book, I decided a custom polish would be an awesome thing to have and I got in touch with the lovely Jalene, the maker of Aussie indie brand Pretty Pots Polish. She was more than happy to make a polish to match the cover of Code Name Verity. The polish she made has a grey crelly base with matte red, white and gun metal grey holo glitters and black specks.

I've been meaning to do a book mani to match CNV and wanted to incorporate this custom polish, so I used two coats of Pretty Pots Polish Code Name Verity on my thumb, index, and pinky nails.

On my middle and rings nails I used 2 coats of Zoya Dove and then lightly sponged on Zoya Kelly and China Glaze White Out.

For the word Verity, the red ring, the plane, and the rose I used a very fine brush and acrylic paint.

I love how well Jalene's creation matches the cover, it's perfect.

If you do end up reading Code Name Verity, be sure to check out Elizabeth's second novel, Rose Under Fire, too!

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Mish Mash Challenge: three colours

First off, Happy Christmas/holidays to everyone :)

I was going to go with a book manicure for the Mish Mash Challenge theme of three colours as I thought the cover was white, blue, and black but then I realised the cover was pale blue, not white. So, I decided to do my final Christmas-themed manicure and went with pastel jumper nails inspired by two nail IGers: thenailomon and coewless. I used pink, purple, and blue and didn't count white as a colour ;)

On my thumb, index, and pink nails I used 2 coats of Glam Polish Cloud Atlas over one coat of China Glaze White Out. I don't think the base coat of white was needed though, Cloud Atlas had great coverage and is just so, so pretty.

On my minddle and ring nails I used two coats of China Glaze White Out and then I used acrylic paint and a v.fine brush to do the detailing. You can find a great tutorial by Coewless on how to paint the snowflake here.

Have a wonderful rest of the week :)

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Mish Mash Challenge: nature

Evening, all! This week the theme of the Mish Mash Challenge is nature. There seemed to be endless possibilities but I wanted to do something holiday-themed and I was inspired by this gorgeous manicure by Bad Girl Nails - isn't it stunning?

This week I received my first order from Pretty Pots Polish, an Aussie indie brand, and I wanted to try one out. I used 2 coats of Pretty Pots Polish Christmas Treats over 2 coats of China Glaze White Out. I also used CG White Out as the base for my nail art.

For the poinsettias I used acrylic paint and a fine brush.

I added some gold caviar beads to the centre of each flower after dotting on some top coat.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Mish Mash Challenge: stamping

This week the theme of the Mish Mash Challenge is nail stamping. I used to love nail stamping but it's not something I do often these days. I started doing more freehand work plus my stamper stopped picking up designs and it became too frustrating.

But, things worked out a little better today!

I started out with 2 coats of Pretty Serious Bloody Bride, a gorgeous burgundy jelly with purple and gold glitter. Then I used Ulta3 Gold Rush Fever and Bundle Monster plate 404 over the top.

This was hard to capture, once the light hit the gold polish, it no longer showed up very well but Ulta3 Gold Rush Fever worked really well as a stamping polish!

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Mish Mash Challenge: Around the World

This week the theme of the Mish Mash Challenge is: around the world. I immediately thought of nails I did earlier in the year, I shared them on IG but not on the blog so I thought I'd use them for this week.

I did nails for Bastille Day in July. On each nail I used 2 coats of Ulta3 Lily White. Once dry, I taped off the middle of my thumb and index nails and painted the left side of each nail with Ulta3 Blue Marlin and the right side with Ulta3 Sizzling Red.

On my middle nail I drew a bonnet rouge and on my ring nail I drew the Eiffel Tower using permanent markers. On my pinky I painted on some top coat and then added blue, white, and red glitter to match the flag.

I really enjoyed doing this manicure and loved the finished look. I can't wait to see what the rest of the gang did for the theme this week!