Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Mish Mash Challenge: pink - Withering Tights

This week the theme of Kimber's Mish Mash Challenge is pink! I was feeling a little uninspired and all I could think of to go with pink were hearts or pigs. Anyway, I spotted a book on my shelf and decided to use that for pink week.

The book is Withering Tights by Louise Rennison. I adore her Georgia Nicolson series and can't wait to start this series because her books are hilarious.

On my thumb, index, and ring nails I started with 2 coats of Barry M Matt White. Once dry I taped off my thumb and index nails and painted the gaps with Mode Cosmetics Fresh Melon.

On my middle and pinky nails I used WnW Lavender Creme. I used a dotting tool and Ulta3 Black Satin to add the dotted outline.

On my ring nail I used a fine paint brush and black acrylic paint to paint the legs and cloud. I filled in the stripes using WnW Lavender Creme.

I'm happy I went with this book, the cover was a lot of fun to replicate and it reminded me that I want to start this book soon!


  1. I adore your blog, I can find out about so many great books:) I love hilarious books and I'll try to find this one soon:)
    And great mani of course:) The ring nail looks exactly like a cover, great job!

  2. Haha that book sounds hilarious and it's got the greatest cover! Awesome job turning it into a mani! Love it! :D

    ~ Yun

  3. Wow, you did great with your ring!! And that book looks funny!

  4. Great job recreating the cover! Love your ring finger :)

  5. Love this little legs on your tights. Super cute! I have been meaning to start this series. The US cover is cute but I think your version is better.

  6. Wow!! Love this!! And your ring finger is amazing!

    Can't wait to read a review of the book!

  7. Quite amazing artwork.. Love this. So cute.

  8. these look super cute!

  9. Hahaha it's promising! The title is a nice hint to Wuthering Heights, I just hope it will be funnier ;) Your nails sure are! :D

  10. I absolutely LOVE this book and i was so excited when i saw you had done a nail design for it!! Hope you enjoy the book


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