Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Lovestruck Summer

Do you guys love summer reads? I do! One of my faves is Lovestruck Summer by Melissa Walker. I own the paperback and did nails for them last year (you can check 'em out here) but today I want to share a manicure I did to match the new ebook version that I just bought!

On every nail apart from my ring nail, I started with a base of Australis Sinfully Sweet. Then I taped off two sections on each nail and painted the gaps with Zoya Sweet

I painted my entire ring finger nail with Zoya Sweet.

For the details I used permanent markers - I drew on a sun, an arrow, a guitar pick, some little hearts, and made the whole ring nail into an amplifier.

If you love fun summer reads I suggest you get yourself a copy of Lovestruck Summer, now avail. for Kindle! It's one of my fave reads and made me want to visit Texas because of the amazing setting and the music events :)


  1. Oh, how cool is that! You never cease to amaze me! :)

  2. Oh that's sooooo pretty.

    Also that cover of Lovestruck Summer is way better than the American cover.

  3. i have not read this book yet. the old cover was cute but i actually like the new cover a lot better. and the nails are adorable with it. esp like the little hearts.

  4. Dude. I found your blog when Melissa Walker posted about it on facebook and I have since sent the link to all my friends and tweeted about you. Your bookish manicures are fabulous and I have added you to my feed reader in hopes to one day be able to be as creative as you. ;)

  5. (oh, PS - I love this book, by the way. So this post made me extra happy!)

  6. So pink and so fun! I love these, they are super cute!

  7. This is such a perfect, summery mani. I need to read this book.


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