Saturday, 13 July 2013


Today I have a manicure inspired by an Australian book, Fireshadow by Antony Eaton. This was such a beautiful story and I liked the combination of the grey, cloudy cover and the fiery title font.

For the grey nails I started by painting my nails white using WnW French White Creme. Then I took a small piece of make up sponge and added Zoya Dove and Nubar Barricade. Finally I painted the tips with WnW Black Creme.

For the fire nail I found a tutorial over at Honeymunchkin (such a cute blog name!) and followed her steps. I used a yellow BYS shade (it was gifted to me by my sis and has lost the label), Zoya Jancyn, Ulta3 Scarlet, and Orly Ruby plus a thin brush.

I was going to add the cockatoo and some of the barbed wire but I didn't get the chance to go back before I took this off to create a new manicure. I do like how simple this was to do, and I really like the fiery nail!

Enjoy your weekend! xox


  1. Wow amazing job on the nails! Looks like the cover perfectly :D

  2. I know I'm biased, but that's fantastic! Thanks for doing this, and I'm so glad you liked both the cover and the book...

  3. That fiery nail is just so striking, love it!

  4. That is beautiful! You just keep getting better and better.

  5. the fiery nail looks great and i really like the sponging on the other nails. it really looks like smoke in the air.

  6. Lisa & Michelle - thank you!

    Tony - thanks for dropping by and I'm glad you approve!

    Chantelle - I like it too, so much so that I want to do an entire fire manicure ;)

    Dawn - thanks, hun!

    Thuy - thanks, I'm glad you like it :)

  7. Holy crap this is amazing :O
    I love the fire :D


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