Monday, 17 June 2013

Last day in L.A manicures!

Evening folks! On my last day in L.A my friend Magz and I went and had our nails done at Mars Salon. They set us up in individual rooms, which contained a comfy armchair and tv. We got gel nail art manicures done and I also had a pedicure at the same time - I felt so relaxed and really enjoyed it.

Here's a look at my mani, a black & beige French with diamante accent nails

And here's Maggie's mani, she had hers done in the team colours of the Spurs b'ball team with sparkly accent nails!

And here are our nails together :)

The prices at Mars are not normally what I'd pay for a mani or pedi but it was a really great way to TREAT YO SELF! and the employees have amazing nail painting skills :) It was also a lovely way to spend my last day with Magz in L.A.


  1. Oh wow your manicures look stunning, what a fun day out for you both!

  2. of course maggie got spurs colors. :) these manis look gorgeous. seriously shiny and those french tips are perfect. love it!

  3. Best Treat Yo Self ever! I miss you, Mandz!! My Spurs mani is still going strong. Just one more game......

  4. Such fun, and such a super mani! :)

  5. It's always nice to treat yo self! I love both your nails, gorgeous!

  6. Wow both are lovely manicures! I love the blingy nail accents :)

  7. Both look amazing! loving the bling :)


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