Monday, 24 June 2013

Born Wicked

Hi all! I hope everyone has had a great weekend, it's really rainy and cold here in Syd - perfect for staying indoors reading and nail painting!

Here's a mani I did before I went on holiday - it's for Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood. I adore this shiny brown and green cover with gold embellishments, and knew it would make a good manicure.

I started with a base of China Glaze Call of the Wild - I had just purchased the Safari collection and I was so happy to find a brown polish that matched this cover perfectly. Over the top I sponged on some Nail It! Olive to replicate the two-tone, vintage look.

For the rosey nail I used a small brush and China Glaze Adventure Red-y for the red ones and L.A Colors Color Craze Electric Charge for the pink one. The black outline was done with a fine brush and Orly Liquid Vinyl.

And finally I did the gold design using Glam Nails nail art pen in Metallic Gold. My bf kindly pointed out that the gold did not match the yellow gold on the cover but this was the closest match I had!

I really liked this mani, brown isn't a colour I usually wear but the addition of the roses and the gold really jazzed it up!


  1. Sweet interpretation! Love how the scrollwork continues down, off of your nail and on the page.


  2. Love it! What a fun cover to paint on your nails!

  3. These are beautiful! Well done :)

  4. Love it! It's always nice when you can find the exact right color. Such pretty nails for such a pretty cover.

  5. Ooh I love these! Just read book two in this series and it is fab. I'd love to see you do the cover of Star Cursed sometime, it has such lovely colors! :-)

  6. really pretty. i love the original cover to this series and was sad to see them change it. i love the brown you used. checking stash to see if i own it now...

    another great manicure!

  7. I love this one! the colours go beautifully together.

  8. Looooove this one. So gorgeous.

  9. Lisa.N, Lisa, thegrownupya, and Katie - thank you, lovelies!

    Britt - it really does make me happy when I can match the colour perfectly!

    Lauren - sounds like I need to start this series, stat! And I will hopefully get around to doing a mani for book 2!

    Thuy - I really like this cover, too! It's a shame when they changed them mid-series

    Sharon & Belle - thank you :))


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