Monday, 24 June 2013

Born Wicked

Hi all! I hope everyone has had a great weekend, it's really rainy and cold here in Syd - perfect for staying indoors reading and nail painting!

Here's a mani I did before I went on holiday - it's for Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood. I adore this shiny brown and green cover with gold embellishments, and knew it would make a good manicure.

I started with a base of China Glaze Call of the Wild - I had just purchased the Safari collection and I was so happy to find a brown polish that matched this cover perfectly. Over the top I sponged on some Nail It! Olive to replicate the two-tone, vintage look.

For the rosey nail I used a small brush and China Glaze Adventure Red-y for the red ones and L.A Colors Color Craze Electric Charge for the pink one. The black outline was done with a fine brush and Orly Liquid Vinyl.

And finally I did the gold design using Glam Nails nail art pen in Metallic Gold. My bf kindly pointed out that the gold did not match the yellow gold on the cover but this was the closest match I had!

I really liked this mani, brown isn't a colour I usually wear but the addition of the roses and the gold really jazzed it up!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Last day in L.A manicures!

Evening folks! On my last day in L.A my friend Magz and I went and had our nails done at Mars Salon. They set us up in individual rooms, which contained a comfy armchair and tv. We got gel nail art manicures done and I also had a pedicure at the same time - I felt so relaxed and really enjoyed it.

Here's a look at my mani, a black & beige French with diamante accent nails

And here's Maggie's mani, she had hers done in the team colours of the Spurs b'ball team with sparkly accent nails!

And here are our nails together :)

The prices at Mars are not normally what I'd pay for a mani or pedi but it was a really great way to TREAT YO SELF! and the employees have amazing nail painting skills :) It was also a lovely way to spend my last day with Magz in L.A.

Monday, 10 June 2013

The Dream Thieves

Hey all! I'm back home which is great but I also miss being on holiday! Today I want to share the manicure I did for BEA, it's for a book called The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater. It was one of the books I was hoping to pick up because I loved the first book in the series last year.

I started with a base of Wet N White French White Crème. On my index finger I used a brush and Nubar Barricade to create the symbol from the cover. I would have liked the lines to be thinner but I didn't have my full brush set with me so I had to use a medium brush rather than a fine one.

For my ring finger I used the same brush and Nubar Dusk Till Dawn to paint on the raven. Once dry, I went over him with Glam Nails nail art pen in Jet Black.

And for the last 3 nails I used the same brush and No Miss Plant City Punch to create the pink waves. I added the black lines with Glam Nails nail art pen in Jet Black.

I took the photo above at BEA in front of a poster in the Scholastic booth and later that day we lined up for an ARC drop and were the first to get copies! I had two books I was really hoping to get and this book was one of them (the second was Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein and I got that too - mission accomplished!)

I took this photo later that day with the copy I was lucky enough to receive. I'm so excited to read this sequel but I feel like I need to delay reading it because it's not out for a few more months!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Siege & Storm

I have had a great week in NYC - I met so many awesome book bloggers and got a stack of fantastic books that will keep me busy for the next few months!

Today I want to share three manicures - one is a re-do and the other two are for the same book: Siege & Storm by Leigh Bardugo. I did a mani to match Leigh's first book, Shadow & Bone, and Leigh was so enthusiastic about it which was awesome! I wasn't 100% happy with it because I didn't quite match the grey so I decided to have another go.

For the base I used China Glaze Elephant Walk and then I sponged on some Zoya Dove. I used Glam Nails nail art pen in Jet Black to draw the swirls on my thumb, middle, and pinky fingers. On my ring finger I used Glam Nails nail art pen in Snow White to draw the antlers.

For my index finger I used Ulta3 Scarlet and a thin brush to paint the tower and I used Glam Nails nail art pen in Jet Black for the details.

I am a lot happier with this version, the grey matches the cover and I was able to include the antlers which I originally wasn't able to do!

Onto the sequel, Siege & Storm! For my first attempt I wanted to capture a few of the graphics used on the cover - the book does not come out until June 4 so I got my bf to print me out a high quality image to work with.

I started with a base of Chi Chi Going All the Way. For the sea dragon I used Barry M Matt White and a thin brush. I used Zoya Maura for his eye and a yellow and orange for his scales/fins - I didn't write down which ones I used but almost any medium shade will work.

For the castle tower I used Zoya Maura and Orly Ruby for the details. For the waves I used Butter London Lady Muck.

I liked this look but I am used to my manis having more of a theme rather than each nail being different and due to the length my sea dragon looks a little more like a sea worm! So, I decided to take most of it off and do another version.

Again I used Chi Chi Going All the Way for the base. Once dry I used Barry M Matt White and Konad image plate M63 for the swirly pattern on each nail. Then I took L.A Colors Art Deco Striper in Red Glitter and dabbed some on.

I don't really have a preference out of the two versions but I do like that this one has more of a theme to it whereas the other one is a bit of a jumble of different images.

If you're in L.A and want to attend Leigh's pre-launch party on Monday night you can check out the details and RSVP here!