Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Book of Broken Hearts

Hi hi! I've been in L.A for almost for 5 days and I am loving it! My friend Maggie and I have been hanging out, eating at lots of fantastic vegan places and I've done plenty of nail shopping at pharmacies, Disneyland, and at nail supply stores. I got to meet fellow polish blogger, Thuy aka The Painted Ninja, yesterday - we had a great time shopping and talking polish :)

On Friday I went to Hey, Nice Nails in Long Beach. As soon as I heard about sisters Donne and Ginny I have wanted to go and I'm so glad I got an appointment. Their salon is awesome and they were so lovely.

I asked Donne to do a book mani for me and I picked The Book of Broken Hearts by Sarah Ockler as I was attending a book tour stop that night. Donne took one look at the cover image, grabbed the colours she needed and set to work. I was impressed with how she represented the cover in manicure form and I really enjoyed chatting with her, Ginny, and their other customer (who got some amazing prom nails done!)

I love this look and because it was done with gels, I am still wearing it today and it looks just as perfect as it did on Friday :)

If you're in Long Beach and want some fantastic nail art done, book yourself in with these girls!


  1. I love this!!! Very very cute!!

  2. it was so fun hanging and talking polish with you, mandee. and i loved this broken hearts manicure. matched the book really well and it was super shiny. hope to see you at leigh's signing in june.

  3. OMG she did an amazing job. That is so artistic and unique! I am glad you are having so much fun in the US! And it's off to visit Flannery next! I hope I run into you at BEA!

  4. SO awesome! I love her take on it. --Noelle

  5. that is a very cute manicure! love the colours!

  6. What a gorgeous mani! I love orange and purple together, and this design is superb.

    Would you mind if I tried copying it sometime :)

  7. Thank you ever so much for following me! Just thought I'd tell you I've had a look at your blog and love it, what a wonderfully original idea! Also this salon looks awesome. So similar to what I dream mine would look like! All the best!

  8. So pretty! It matches the book perfectly.

  9. Sounds like such fun! Thanks for reporting back about this neat place.

    They did a marvelous job with the mani.

  10. LOVE THIS!!!! We just recently read this one and it was fantastic! Great job with the polish!

  11. So cool!! I follow them on tumblr, but it's awesome that you got your nails done there :D


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