Friday, 5 April 2013

The Zigzag Effect

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has had a great week :)

Today I want to share a mani I did to match one of my new favourite books, The Zigzag Effect by Lili Wilkinson. The story involves a girl who gets a holiday job helping out backstage for a magician. The red and pink zigzag stripes were just calling out to be in a manicure and the bunch of roses inspired the accent nails.

For the three main nails I started with a base of Zoya Sweet which is a really pretty pink. The stripes gave me a bit of difficulty, I sure could have done with a magic wand for this part! I'd seen this fantastic tutorial by Sarah Lou and I went out to buy some crafty scissors, and all I could find at my local fabric store was a cheap pack of scissors with changeable blades or some expensive pinking shears. I went with the cheap option and regretted it, I tried cutting so many strips of Scotch tape, masking tape, and painter's tape and just couldn't get clean lines. I did attempt using some but the red stripes bled onto the pink, so I had to wipe my nails clean and start again. For my second attempt I took a small nail art brush and Zoya Maura and freehanded the zigzag stripes but they didn't look clean so I wiped my nails clean again. For my third and final trick attempt I used a Glam Nails nail art pen in Cherry red and drew the stripes on, finally I got them to work out!

For the accent nails I used a base of Zoya Snow White. I'd seen a few rose tutorials around but ended up going with this one by Nail Nerd. I used a thin nail art brush with Zoya Maura and Orly Ruby for the detailing. The leaves were done with Nubar Green Tea.

As they say in the magic business: ta-dah!

I was really happy with the final look, although I did forget about Zoya Maura's pesky habit of running when you add topcoat so unfortunately the roses bled onto the white, but I love the rose nails all the same and want to do a whole manicure of rose nails.

Have a lovely weekend xox


  1. looks so amazing, mandee. the nail art pen is awesome. i'll have to get myself one. seems so much easier than fiddling around with tape.

    i admire how you kept trying! i always give up to easily.

    the roses look awesome, too. you can;'t even tell they bled.

  2. Beautiful work. Well done free handing the zig zags and your roses are gorgeous!! :)

  3. i have to ask because i have no idea: are those your natural nails? and if so, how on earth do you paint your right hand, or your left, if you're left-handed xD)...

  4. Love it! Very good job; especially love the roses!

    Also, this book sounds really cute. I'll have to check it out!

  5. Oh, wow, Mandee! I'm so impressed! I probably would have given up after my first failed attempt. I'm just always impressed by what you can do with your nails. I feel like I've scaled Mt. Everest when I've painted mine one solid color and have no clean-up work to do. I don't always do well coloring within the lines! Haha

  6. Mandee - these are GORGEOUS. You're seriously so creative and I absolutely LOVE that you're doing these!

  7. This manicure is so pretty! LOVE IT. You have some serious nail art talent!

  8. BEAUTIFUL! This might be my favorite one! The zigzags alone are gorgeous, but the rose accents...amazing.

  9. Third time's the charm because the mani turned out GORGEOUS. Dare I say the best one yet?

  10. These look amazing! You have way more patience than me, I would give up after the first attempt. A whole mani of roses would be lovely too!

  11. Thank you all so much :)

    Nomes - I get them in Priceline and Target and they make drawing things really easy!

    Chantelle - I am amazed at how easy the roses were!

    Cris - yeup, my nails are natural and I usually do my other hand as well, but it doesn't look as good ;)

    The Grown Up YA - you will love the book!

    Magan - I felt like giving up!

    Alexa - thanks, I'm glad you like them!

    Rey - you're too kind, thank you!

    Leah - this is my fave, too!

    Magz - why thank you, it's my fave so far!

    Belle - I was tempted to throw it in but I just couldn't give up :D

  12. Wow, this is incredible! I adore the roses, so pretty!

  13. Can't get over your freehand! Wow. Great "cover" of that cover, darlin'!

  14. These look awesome, love the stripes :)

  15. Romi - the roses are my faves, too!

    Lisa - hehe, thanks!

    Citygirl - thank you!

  16. wow! these are so amazing! love the colour combo, its so bright

  17. Thank you, I really like the pink + red, too!


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