Monday, 22 April 2013

Looking for Alaska

Hey hey! I've been a bit slack when it comes to posting manis lately, truth be told I haven't been loving the ones I've been doing since my Zigzag or Diviners manis. But, the one I have today is one I did a while back and forgot all about, so I figured it was time to share it.

The book is Looking for Alaska by John Green. I found this version at a book fair and I really like the vintage photo look. It immediately reminded me of manicures I'd seen where one colour outlines another, an outline manicure (aka a border manicure).

There are two ways of doing an outline mani: 1. Paint your nails with your chose outline colour, then paint inside that colour with your second colour or 2. Paint your nails with one colour and then take a small brush and your second colour and paint an outline around the first colour. I went with option one, I think it's easier and quicker.

I started with a base of Orly Liquid Vinyl and then followed up with Chi Chi Can't Buy My Love. Because I chose such a light colour I had to do three coats before the black stopped showing through.

I wasn't sure if I'd like this style as sometimes, depending on the colours, it can look like a mani where you've left paint around the edges of your nails/skin but I have to say I did look at my nails often while I was wearing this and it was a nice way of wearing a neutral nail polish, which I rarely do.

This is really easy nail art and it got me thinking about other easy ways to dress up your nails, so I'll have a post up on that soon!


  1. Really love this! I haven't seen that Looking for Alaska cover before but it is really pretty. :)

  2. So fun! Love the nude color.

  3. I adore that LFA cover! (And your nails are lovely as always.)

  4. I've been trying to do a border manicure ever since Jenny Han posted a pic last year. My results didn't look like yours though. Haha. I love the colors and it fits perfectly with the book. Nice cover too.

  5. i am too scared to try a border mani! haha. how does your other hand look? i know my left hand often looks amazing and my right just lets the whole thing down :)

    i like the cartoon nails that have been popular, which are similar to this (well, they do the whole border thing) like this one:

    anyway, i really like the cover for alaska!

  6. i have never tried this but it looks really cool on you. was it hard to paint inside the lines so to speak? and i haven't read this book just yet. woefully behind on my john green.

  7. Thanks, all! :)

    Lucy - I'd never seen it til I found it a 2nd hand book fair

    Sarah - me too, it's got such a nice look to it

    Magz - I think this way is a lot easier, so if you haven't tried it, give it a go :)

    Nomes - for this one my other hands look ok, some manis my other hand looks rubbish! BUt this one was just like painting my nails a second time. I like those cartoon nails, too!

    Thuy - I went slowly and just had to fix it up a little, it's not perfect but I think this method is easier than drawing the outline on after


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