Sunday, 31 March 2013

Under the Never Sky and Through the Ever Night

Happy long weekend, everyone! I have another two manis to share today, they're for the first two books in a series.

Firstly, Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi. I waited so long to read this and I'm glad I eventually got around to it because it's a fantastic book. I have the UK cover version so I decided to do a pink galaxy mani. I started with a base of Orly Razzle. Then I sponged on Barry M Matt White. On the top section of my nails I sponged on Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream and then added Make Up Store Britta. In the middle section I sponged on L.A Girl Brites Dynamite followed by O.P.I La Paz-itively Hot*. Finally I added a coat of Nubar Sugar.

For the sequel, Through the Ever Night, I wanted to recreate the sky and added in accent nails featuring the sun.

I started with a base of Orly La Playa. Then I sponged on Barry M Matt White, followed by Zoya Robyn, O.P.I Teal the Cows Come Home* and finally Orly Liquid Vinyl along the tips.
For the sun I painted a circle using Zoya Creamy, I added WnW Sunny Side Up to the base of each sun using a nail art brush.

And that's it for today! I hope everyone is having a great long weekend :)

*The O.P.I used for these manis was purchased a few years ago, I no longer purchase O.P.I as they were taken over by Coty.


  1. Hey, I just discovered your blog! I LOVE it!!! Books AND nail polish :) What a great idea, following you now.

  2. GORGEOUS! I love galaxy manis but I am way too lazy/incompetent to do one myself.

  3. Love your blog, to pieces! What a fascinating and clever concept you've got going here. Brava! I've followed, and look forward to your future posts.

    PS - I'm a majorleague lover of books, too! :)


  4. Love your blog. I've thought of doing a book inspired mani before but I look on my shelf and I hardly have any to inspire me lol. Your manicures look great!
    I've just nominated your blog for a liebster award as well. Check out my blog for the details if you like :)

  5. Ohh I just love these, they're among my absolute favorites you've done!! I just love the color combination used on both of these ♥ Gorgeous.

  6. FYI, the general consensus on Tumblr is that 1. your nail art is AMAZING and 2. you should be cross-posting all your pics on Tumblr, because they would get so much love there. :)

  7. The galaxy mani is so fancy! I was thinking about doing it but there are SO many steps. It looks amazing though. Love the covers and manis for these books.

  8. I just found this blog and love it so much! The nail art you do is absolutely beautiful, and books- AND THIS IS JUST AMAZING! I was really hoping to email subscribe, but you don't seem to have the option available- is this something you would consider adding to your blog?

  9. SO PRETTY!!!
    love the colors and the style :)

  10. As always, your manis turned out GORGEOUS. I love the one for Through the Ever Night just a tad more because it's blue :)

  11. Citygirl - thanks for following, I'll return the favour ;)

    Belle - thanks! I bet you could do one ;)

    UKNR - thanks, hun!

    Lisa - thanks so much for dropping by! Glad you're a fan, and a reader, too!

    Choi - thanks so much :)

    Micheline - thank you!

    Anna - ha! I don't think I've ever understood tumblr, esp. when vs. blogs but I will think about it!

    Magz - galaxies do take a while, but if you pick the right colours, they're worth it (I'm not really a fan of the pink one I did here)

    Romi - glad you found my blog and thank you so much! I have no idea how that works, but I will look into it!

    Shorty - thank you!

    Alexa - I prefer the blue one, too!

  12. This is super cute! I have been browsing through your posts and I have to say I love the theme of your blog! Very cool! I love books and the fact that you translate them to your nails is pretty awesome!

  13. Hey Gini! Thanks for dropping by, I'm happy you like the blog :)

  14. these look amazing. i love your creativity and you seem to have the perfect colours to match every time :)

    i do my nails but i havent done any nail art yet. i am thinking i am too impatient... but you are inspiring me.

  15. (Re-adding email option) It should just be an available option to add under following devices.

  16. Nomes - thanks, hun! I really try to match the colours as close as possible. And I think you'd have fun trying out some nail art :D

    Romi - ah huh! I will have a look-see! Thanks!


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