Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sneakers, summer, dots, and stripes

It's a really lovely Sunday morning here in Sydney today and I thought I'd share some more of my book cover manicures!

First up is Beautiful Redemption by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, the final book in the Beautiful Creatures series. This is one of those manis where I pictured it in my head but when it came time to do it, it didn't work out as planned. I wanted a green swirl in the centre of each nail but there wasn't enough room to sponge one. Instead I used 2 coats of Orly Liquid Vinyl as the base, then I sponged on Orly Green Apple and then some Zoya Tangy over that. Lastly, I stamped Orly Dazzle over the top using Konad image plate m63

Next up is a fun Aussie YA: My Life and Other Catastrophes by Rowena Mohr. When I saw the sneaker on the cover I decided it was a good time to try out sneaker nails! The purple nails are 3 coats of BYS Ultra Violet. For the sneaker nails I used 3 coats of L.A Colors Color Craze Electric Charge as the base, Zoya Snow White for the tips and laces, and Orly Dazzle and Orly Liquid Vinyl for the eyelets.

When I did the nails above, I also had another book that I'd just read and wanted to do a manicure for, so I did this next mani on my other hand because I couldn't wait to do some summery nails. The book is Lovestruck Summer  by Melissa C. Walker and it is such a fun little read; definitely good for fans of music and Austin. The pink nails are Zoya Jolene with Zoya Creamy stamped over using Konad image plate M56. The blue nails are Natio Turquoise with Zoya Jolene stamped over using Cheeky image plate CH36 and the green line is L.A Colors Art Deco Striper in Bright Green. The purple nail is Natio Beaming Violets with Australis Limited Edition 2 dotted on top.

And my final mani today is for the first book in a new series, Level 2 by Lenore Appelhans. I couldn't resist doing a dotty and stripey mani to match this book. The grey nails are 2 coats of Zoya Dove, the white nail and the dots are Zoya Snow White and the orange stripes were done with Sinful Colors Boogie Nights and a striping brush.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend xox


  1. Those sneaker nails are too cute! Really love the Level 2 gray w/ dots, too. Very eye-catching.

  2. Thanks, Nikki! The sneakers were fun, I'd like to do a full sneaker mani :)

  3. Mands! <3 I ADORE this blog to bits and pieces! <3 Someday we need to get together so we can paint on each other's nails LOL! What a great way to combine nails and books! Loving those sneaker nails! And I immediately thought of Lovestruck Summer when I saw your nails hehe. <3 I love the galaxy nails you did on the previous post as well. Correction, I'm DROOLING over the GORGEOUS galaxy nails. ;)

    Keep up the amazing posts, girlie! I can't wait to see more of your awesome manicures! <3

  4. PS: to answer your question, there's no annoying captcha thing, so don't worry! :)

  5. Hilda! Thank you, hun! I would love to get together for book chats and nail painting :D

    And thanks for letting me know re. captcha ;)

  6. Ooh! Love the sneaker nails. Maybe I'll try it for a book mani of Finding Freia Lockhart. :)

  7. I love the sneaker nails! So cool.

  8. You're so talented! I could never do something like that and would probably end up getting nail varnish everywhere.
    I love the Beautiful Redemption nails! I haven't read the book yet but I'm sure they fit the theme really well.
    The Level 2 nails are awesome too!

  9. You really have a knack for this - love seeing artistic displays dedicated to bookish themes ♥!! I can't wait to see more of your creations Mandee! My Life & Other Catastrophes & Lovestruck Summer are 2 really fun Spring/Summer-y looking looks, awesome work :)

  10. Magz - yes! I just google imaged sneaker nails and went from there

    Belle - thanks, they were fun to do!

    Lucy - aw, thank you! Practice makes perfect and you can always clean up polish on your skin with remover and a small brush/cotton bud ;)

    Mich - thank you, I have lots more to share :D

  11. Wow...I am so impressed...I would never have the patience nor the skill!

  12. Wow... I LOVE all of these designs.. they are all so well made and they go so well with the books :)
    You have such a lovely blog that I had to subscribe :)

  13. The Lovestruck Summer nails are RAD! They would be perfect for summertime indeed ;)

  14. I love the Beautiful Redemption nail art. That's are my favorites from this post.

  15. Ahhh, the shoelaces are KILLING me with the cuteness! And the Level 2 ones are so pretty! --N

  16. Thanks x 10000!

    Shorty - thanks for following

    Lenore - glad you love the nails that match your book :)


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